“Digital rights and civil freedoms on the web, 12 basic lessons online” is the first online seminar, to be launched from September 2012 until February 2013. This webinar will give you the information, criteria and basic tools to understand key issues in our times. It will also give you  a glimpse of similar experiences in Latin America and will connect you with other fellow activists in the defense of an Open, Participative and Free Web.

When: From September 15th. 2012 to February 15th, 2013, cyberactivists will have a learning and support space online. You will be able to take free online lessons on civil freedom, digital rights, freedom of speech, crowdfunding for projects, among other topics.

Who: 17 expert activists, most of them from Latin America, will teach 12 online modules on www.internetactiva.net

How: Video conferences and online forums on Internet Regulations and other key issues regarding the defense of an active, participative and free Web.

Where: All materiales will be posted online at www.internetactiva.net. All parties may participate and propose remote additional remote webinar spaces. Free access and online use of the materials and contents published will be granted for bloggers, traditional media and social media, provided you use a CC By SA 2.5 Colombia License.

Intensity: 4 weekly hours for webinars and online forums. 6 monthly hours of personal work are also recommended.

Responsible: Fundación Karisma, sponsored by Google Colombia and supported by RedPaTodos.

Requirements: Access to a device with a web connection.

Objectives: Support awareness on the legal environment of the Internet as it relates to digital rights and civil freedom

Knowing similar experiences related to digital and Internet rights in our region, and to connect with peers.
Learn about civil mechanisms for citizen participation in public policy involved designing the future of the Web in our environment
What is the first module of the inaugural course?
Internet, information society and participation mechanisms, by Michel Bauwens (Belgium) and Offray Luna (Colombia)
To learn more about the webinar and/or contact with the speakers please contact:
Andrea Bernal – 316 4814149 – ranaberden@gmail.com or Pilar Sáenz – mapisaro@gmail.com