TWNlogo_000An investigation conducted by Edward Hammond, consultant researcher of Third World Network, has revealed that a leading medical centre in The Netherlands is using a material transfer agreement (MTA) that claims proprietary rights over the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus, contrary to their public denial of placing restrictions on the virus.

The Erasmus Medical Centre issued a press statement on 24 May in response to public criticism by the World Health Organization’s Director General, Dr. Margaret Chan, on 23 May of the Erasmus MTA.

A copy of the MTA was obtained by Third World Network some weeks ago under the public records law of the North Carolina, the United States, as part of our ongoing research into potential biopiracy of the MERS virus, triggered by a media report of criticism by Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Health of Erasmus on this matter.

Due to the growing controversy and widespread public interest, Third World Network is now distributing the MTA, which is a public record.

TWN has published a research note with more details. The MTA is available here.

For more details please contact: Edward Hammond at