Well, McGruff the Crime Dog has been dusted off for the fight against piracy, as part of a new  Department of Justice-led campaign that Nate Anderson accurately calls “Reefer Madness for the digital age.”  Our work on organized crime is getting some renewed attention in this context.  Rather than rehash the  argument or send you to the full report, here are some greatest hits:

Does Crime Pay? All the best excerpts on organized crime from the report in 15 pages.

Organized Crime: Businessweek Edition.  In which I get annoyed with lazy reporting on this stuff, and consider the case of Mexico.

MPEE Mailbag: Career Options.  In which we counsel a former banker to ignore the seductions of the pirate trade.

And finally, Sunset Boulevard Terrorists, in which we consider some real terrorist linkages to the movie and DVD trade–the legal one.