In a blog post on the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure website, Ante Wessells describes the committee’s discussion of ACTA.  MEP Marielle Gallo (Rapporteur for ACTA) argued that the agreement is compatible with current EU law.  She pointed to the Article 6 guarantee that is meant to guarantee against abuses, and to safeguards found in Article 27.  MEP Christian Engström argued that the Parliament “should send the ACTA agreement to the European Court of Justice to get clear and proper guidance.”  Engström noted that the Legal Service opinion on ACTA, confirmed warnings against ACTA regarding its compatibility with fundamental rights in the EU and abroad, and he used as an example the disproportionality of damages, which under ACTA are based on retail price.  MEP Eva Lichtenberger agreed that it is important to get clarification from the Court.

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