Author: Mike Palmedo

Coalition of 21 Tech Firms and Civil Society Organizations. Comments to USTR.

Comment signed by the following firms and civil society organizations: American Association of Law Libraries American Library Association Association of Research Libraries Center for Democracy & Technology Computer & Communications Industry Association Consumer Electronics Association Digital Future Coalition Entertainment Consumers Association Home Recording Rights Coalition Information Technology Association of America Intel Corporation Internet Commerce Coalition IP Justice Medical Library Association NetCoalition Knowledge Ecology International Public Knowledge Special Libraries Association Verizon US Internet Industry Association Yahoo! Inc....

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Google Comments to USTR

Comments Submitted by Google Inc. Regarding the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement In Response to USTR Public Notice of September 5, 2008 (73 FR 51860) September 17,...

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Media Coverage of Media Piracy in Emerging Economies

Media Piracy in Emerging Economies has been receiving a lot of attention in news and blogs.  Examples… Global Piracy Claims: Report.Michael Geist. March 8. Tech Dirt. Massive Research Report On ‘Piracy’ In Emerging Economies Released; Debunks Entire Foundation Of US Foreign IP Policy. Mike Masnick. March 8. GigaOm. Piracy: Enforcement Isn’t Working, Prices Need to Come Down. Janko Roettgers. March 8. Strategy Eye. Overpriced media in emerging markets driving piracy, says study. Drew Heatley. March 9. The Epoch Times. International Digital Piracy a Result of Overpricing. Joshua Philipp. March 10. Torrent Freak. Game Changing Study Puts Piracy in Perspective. Ernesto. March 11. Ars Technica. Report: Piracy a “Global Pricing Problem” With Only One Solution. March 14. Managing Intellectual Property. New Piracy Report Challenges Industry Studies. March 14. Signal News.  Report: Media Piracy Driven by Global Pricing Issues. Chilton Tippin. March 15. thinqu_. Cutting Prices Is the Only Way to Stop Piracy. James Nixon. March 15, 2011. Tech Eye. Top Scientists Dismiss Three Strikes Laws – Piracy Is a Sign of Unmet Demand. Nick Farrell. March 15. Myce. Study: High Prices to Blame for Global Media Piracy. wconeyber. March 15. Christian Science Monitor. Can media piracy be stopped?. Israel Curtis. March 16. TG Daily. Report Blames Piracy on Excessive Prices. Emma Woollacott. March 16. My Broadband News. Piracy caused by high cost of media. Alastair Otter. March 16. Crunch...

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