Highlights From Two Global Copyright Days

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May 062016

eiflEIFL campaign to mark UNESCO World Book & Copyright Day and WIPO World Intellectual Property Day 2016

[Teresa Hackett, Electronic Information for Libraries, Link (CC-BY)] In the digital environment, librarians deal with questions of copyright every day. But restrictive copyright laws can hinder the library’s efforts to provide access to knowledge. Two global copyright days – UNESCO’s World Book & Copyright Day that took place on 23 April, and WIPO’s World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April – presented a great opportunity to highlight the work that librarians in the EIFL network do to overcome copyright restrictions and serve library users.

We marked the two days with a social media campaign, which also featured EIFL’s wide range of multi-language resources on copyright, and showed how librarians in EIFL partner countries are using the resources to advance their work. Continue reading »

Oct 032012

Health advocates have asked the EU not to include data exclusivity requirements in the “Deeply Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement” that is being negotiated between the EU and Moldova. Article 9 of the agreement is rumored to contain an obligation for at least eight years of data exclusivity, as is standard in other European trade agreements.  The TRIPS Plus provision would prevent generic firms from gaining regulatory approval without repeating costly clinical trials, effectively keeping generics off the market.

A recent letter from Anna Zakowics (European AIDS Treatment Group) and Lella Cosmaro (AIDS Action Europe) to Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht points out Continue reading »

Sep 182012

I am a public health professional representing the organization Center for Health Policies and Studies (PAS), an NGO working in policy analysis and research in health in Moldova. In June 2012 we became aware of the intention of the government to change patent legislation by introducing data exclusivity as an additional IPR measure in addition to TRIPS provisions and started to inquire as to the origins of this initiative.

The Republic of Moldova, a country in the Eastern European region, has started in 2011 the process of confidential negotiations for Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the European Union (EU). In these negotiations the EU requires the Republic of Moldova to introduce in the national legislation data exclusivity as a new form of protection of intellectual property for the maximum period of 11 years (8+2+1). There was first round of negotiations where Moldova has opposed introduction of data exclusivity because of the impact on price of drugs, but the official answer of DG trade was that EU interpretation of unfair commercial use is in line with TRIPS agreement. Continue reading »