The Mexican Senate and House of Representatives have passed resolutions calling for the President to reverse the signing of ACTA.

The Senate resolution, sponsored by Sens. Francisco Javier Castellón Fonseca, Carlos Sotelo García, María Beatriz Zavala Peniche, and Dip. Rodrigo Pérez-Alonso Gonzále  rejects the signing because it didn’t respect Mexican law on the approval of international economic treaties; it ignored the official Senate recommendation of September 6, 2011; and it violated domestic law and human rights.  This resolution asks the President to take the steps necessary to revoke Mexico’s signature from the agreement, and it asks the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare a report on the reasoning behind the signing of the agreement.

The Chamber of Deputies resolution, sponsored by Dep. Jaime Aguilar Alvarezrejects ACTA and calls the executive’s disregard of the legislature on this matter an “authoritarian and unilateral stance.”