Author: Stephanie Rosenberg

Comparative tables of data exclusivity and patent linkage provisions in TPP and US FTAs

Please find links to new tables by Burcu Kilic at Public Citizen’s Global Access to Medicine Program that compare patent linkage and data exclusivity provisions in U.S. Free Trade Agreements and the U.S. proposal to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement: Comparative Table of Patent Linkage Provisions in U.S. FTAs and U.S. Proposal to the TPPA Comparative Table of Data Exclusivity Provisions in U.S. FTAs and the U.S. Proposal to the TPPA...

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Access Victories and the Global Kaletra Campaign

[Reposted with permission from] November 10, 2012 marked the first anniversary of the global Kaletra campaign, a campaign comprising health groups in 12 countries challenging pharmaceutical monopolies including Abbott Laboratories’ hold on HIV/AIDS treatment Kaletra and its components lopinavir and ritonavir. These groups have taken actions through compulsory license requests, patent oppositions, litigation and public campaigning to promote generic competition and lower costs. Several new significant victories have been achieved.  For example, Indonesia issued licenses for seven medicines treating hepatitis B and HIV (including lopinavir+ritonavir). Ecuador issued a second compulsory license for an ARV treatment. A Colombian appellate court ruled that the Ministry of Health violated collective rights to health by failing to require Abbott to comply with the reference price for Kaletra (the Ministry has since imposed this requirement, reducing Kaletra prices by 70%) and must maintain Kaletra on a parallel imports list.  Read below a summary of the actions in each country — and join us! For more information on the campaigns in each country including technical documents, statements from civil society group, media hits, and more, visit: Brazil As of 2011, more than 50,000 people were on lopinavir + ritonavir in Brazil. In Brazil, Abbott has claimed many patents on lopinavir+ritonavir, commercially known as Kaletra or Aluvia. As part of the campaign, the Working Group on Intellectual Property of the Brazilian Network for the Integration...

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