Open Access White House Petition Takes Off!

The petition to the White House to require public access to the published results of taxpayer funded research has taken off – gaining more than 13,500 signatures in less than three days.  In order to get a response, a petition must get at least 25,000 signature in 30 days, so this is an awesome start. It’s important to keep pushing, however, and send a strong message that this is an issue that matters to people – we don’t just want a response, we want policymakers to take notice of this constituency. Petition: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @access2research Here’s a round-up of responses from around the web: Articles and Blog Posts The Guardian: US Petition Could Tip the Scales in Favor of Open Access Publishing Medeley Blog: Support free access to scientific journals arising from taxpayer-funded research. #OAMonday Library Journal: ACRL Urges Librarians to Sign Research Access Petition InTechWebBlog: To know the importance of providing free access to taxpayer-funded research: PLoS Blog: Tell the White House to Expand Open Access to Federally Funded Research: Scientific American: Take a stand for public access to taxpayer funded research Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC): Sign the White House Petition on Open Access to Research Today! John Wilbanks’s Tumblr: ACCESS2RESEARCH Open Knowledge Foundation Blog: Petition the White House to Open Up Publicly Funded Research

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