Jul 232012

The U.S. Trade Representative has announced that it is seeking public comments in written form “on all elements related to Canada’s [and Mexcio’s] participation in the TPP negotiations in order to develop U.S. negotiating positions.”  It will also hold public hearings on the entry of these countries into the negotiations.

The deadline for written comments and requests to testify at the hearings is September 4.  The hearing regarding Mexico’s entry into the TPP will be September 21.  The hearing regarding Canada’s entry into the TPP will by September 24.

The original request for comments and notice of public hearings are here:


  3 Responses to “USTR Seeks Comments, Will Hold Hearings on the Entrance of Canada and Mexico Into the TPP”

  1. DONT LET THEM IN !!!!!

    • WE REALLY DON’T WANT IN! Just another American plot to push outdated American IP on countries that have long evolved beyond governance by politicians on corporate payrolls. TPP and ACTA mutually suck!

  2. As a Canadian I object to Canada’s entry into the TPP as I believe it will attempt to fundamentally change the laws of Canada to be pro-business and anti-consumer. The recent Supreme Court of Canada rulings on copyright have firmly established fair dealing/fair use within Canada and have presented a balanced view on copyright. I cannot imagine a world under the TPP where such a balanced view is possible.