In an unprecedented action the Colombian Copyright Office opened a consultation process for citizen participation on the instrument for limitations and exceptions to copyright for the visually impaired that is currently in discussions at WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (see the WIPO working document, in Spanish).

The Colombian’s Copyright Office’s mechanism is far from perfect, moreover, the institution’s terrible web page does not help to promote citizen participation. It uses a form that seems to allow foreign comments, but asks for “cedula” (which is the citizen identification number in Colombia). Does this mean only individuals can comment?  We do not know, but I guess that NGOs and foreigners can sort out this situation by answering creatively, or, should we try a massive comment strategy via email?

Despite this situation, it seems that it is a great opportunity for activists to promote a better understanding of the issue to the Colombian executive.

Should you be willing to comment the comment form is located here.