colombia flag - better cropping67 legal academics have endorsed a letter to Colombian leaders to express concern over copyright legislation intended to implement the country’s obligations under their trade agreement with the U.S.  The letter warns that the provisions in the legislation “restrict the activities of information consumers more than is necessary or appropriate, more than the FTA requires, and more than do the provisions U.S. copyright law itself.” It recommends that Colombia give “serious consideration” to a “flexible approach to limitations and exceptions” and offers other suggestions for provisions that protect user rights in copyright.

The letter was circulated by PIJIP Professors Peter Jaszi and Sean Flynn.  It was sent to President of the Senate Roy Barreras Montealegre President of the Senate, President of the House of Representatives, Simón Gaviria Muñoz and Minister of Commerce Sergio Díaz-Granados Guida.

Click here for the full letter.