peru flagOn August 28, a group of members of the Peruvian legislature – the Parlamentario Acción Popular-Frente Amplio – proposed a motion that asks for greater transparency in the Trans Pacific Partnership Negotiations.  Specifically, the motion seeks “a public, political, and technical debate on the proposals of the Trans-pacific Partnership” and requests “the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism and the technical team in charge of the Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations to report on the matter.”  

Official Motion | Unofficial Translation by Public Citizen

The proposed motion notes that the intellectaul property provisions proposed by the United States would “impose serious limits to intellectual and artistic creation as well as technological innovation putting at risk freedom of expression, privacy and the capacity to innovate of all Peruvians… limit competition and the entry of generic medicines into the market … [and ] threaten free access to information.”

It cites the August 14 Chilean proyecto de acuerdo by Senators Navarro, Gomez and Tuma  that also sought an open, informed debate.