Amy Kapczynski

Although many of us have deep criticisms of TRIPS, there is little conversation about aiming to amend or repeal parts of the Agreement.  Rather, we focus on “TRIPS-plus” activity, implicitly accepting that TRIPS is impossible to change.  Is this right, and/or might there be other benefits that come from a conversation about amending TRIPS than such amendments themselves?  This panel will address these questions.  Annette and Jens have a substantial proposal for amendments to TRIPS, which they will review in brief (10 minute) presentations.  Gopa will provide commentary and his own perspective on the issue.  Most of the time will be reserved for discussion.

Some basic questions that we will address include

  1. Should we amend TRIPS?  (e.g. why spend our energy on the project of amending TRIPS, now?)
  2. What specific amendments are needed?  (here again, am sure there are many possibilities, but thinking about the most important ones)
  3. What’s the strategy going forward? (is it possible to build momentum for such demands? how, with whom, etc?)

We look forward to different views and a lively discussion.