The afternoon will open with a series of keynote lectures by Peter Jaszi, Pamela Samuelson, Bernt Hugenholtz and Carlos Correa. This will be followed by a moderated roundtable discussion with advocates, industry representatives and public officials. Some of the questions to be addressed by the keynote addresses and panel discussion include:

  • How have changes in technology and in the policy landscape (including vertical and horizontal “forum shopping” or “regime shifting”) affected our definition of what a positive agenda for intellectual property should include?
  • What is the history of progressive IP reform efforts and what do we learn from it?
  • What interests are traditionally marginalized in IP debates and how can they be mobilized to impact policy reform? What are the prospects for forming a positive agenda for intellectual property law?
  • What is “positive” and how does the term relate to other definitions of the public interest, such as the concern for “access”?
  • What proposals and issues should be considered in constructing a positive agenda?
  • How should advocates frame the agenda in terms of new discourses and strategies?
  • Where are the current forums where positive agendas are being considered?
  • Where are progressive visions and advocacy succeeding?