Joe Karaganis

This will be a diverse session devoted to quick presentation and discussion of alternatives to the conventional monopoly model of incentivizing cultural and scientific innovation—and, broadly, some of the institutional challenges surrounding such systems.   We’ll have about 90 minutes total, divided into two segments:

The first on copyright, focusing on:

  • Alternative remuneration systems like levies and ISP taxes
  • Challenges (and future) of collective rights management
  • Private sector incentives to support alternative models

The second on scientific innovation, focusing on:

  • Prize models and pharmaceutical innovation
  • Polluter-pays models for financing patent evaluation
  • Software/business method innovation with/without patents

Each presenter will have 8-10 minutes maximum.  Given the time constraints, each presenter should give a quick census and contextualization of the major alternatives and challenges, and invite some discussion.   Please do feel free to engage each other.  The more this resembles a conversation, the better.

We need to leave the session with a list of proposed ‘declarations’ that will be inform the larger declaration draft to be presented Saturday.  Prior to the event, participants should prepare a handful of brief recommendations to make in this area—ideally, a mix of principles and specific policy proposals backed by the minimum necessary context for understanding them.