Peter Jaszi

This note is intended to set the stage for the discussion of Limitations and Exceptions for Cultural Institutions at 9:15 on Friday.  Facilitators will each have the chance to get discussion started with a brief (5-10 minute) intervention, which could include both reports on current developments and more speculative ideas about the way forward, among other things.  I hope the group discussion can focus on specific policy proposals (the more concrete the better) that either could be mentioned in the conference declaration or could be analyzed and improved for use by policy advocates.

I hope we’ll be able to discuss what kinds of limitations and exceptions in copyright would best serve the interests of libraries, museums, schools and other cultural institutions, as well as the citizens would depend on them.  In addition, it would be wonderful if the discussion were to reach the question of how meaningful constituencies and coalitions can be developed for such L&E’s.   And, of course, we’ll need to discuss the considerations that may constrain such policy developments – and how to address them.   Finally, I’d like to find time to discuss the pros and cons of limitations and exceptions that are drafted for specific institutional users, as against those that apply more broadly (though they may benefit cultural institutions, among others).