Joe Karaganis

The general goal is to provide the social scientists at the Congress an opportunity to discuss research questions and practices around the intellectual property issues central to the Congress.  There are about eight in the core group, and there will certainly be some additional attendance.  There will be other concurrent panels though and a lot more lawyers than social scientists at this event, so I hope to keep this organized as a conversation rather than panel presentation.

I also propose that we emphasis the context and larger themes and choices that inform your work rather than detailed descriptions of results of projects.  I propose we each take about eight minutes max to talk about:

  • Broadly, what we’re trying to answer and why.
  • Contexts and constraints that inform our respective projects.
  • How those projects fit into larger arcs or traditions of research?  Relatedly: where are the strengths and gaps in the research record—locally, internationally.
  • The conditions of circulation or application of your research—e.g., academic audiences, policy audiences (real and aspirational), language issues (including disciplinary languages).
  • Changing research terrains and how that affects choices of method—e.g., the shift toward online communities/practices.
  • What are the emerging objects or needs?
  • How to approach traditionally difficult terrains like the informal economy or illicit activity?

And then anticipate a hopefully free-flowing discussion.