Ways and Means


Peter Jaszi

This note is intended to set the stage for the discussion of Ways and Means at 5:30 on Friday.  Each facilitator will have the chance to get discussion started with a brief (5-10 minute) intervention, which could include both reports on current developments and more speculative ideas about the way forward, among other things.  The goal of our session is to discuss how a progressive agenda promoting both more robust IP limitations and exceptions and the further flowering of open access approaches to content distribution.  In other words, it’s a tall order, but a very important one – if the Global Congress is to be more than an academic exercise.

So I hope we’ll be able to focus on questions like:

  • What are the most promising institutional avenues through which to pursue a progressive agenda?
  • What factors constrain the fulfillment of such an agenda?
  • How can we best build constituencies and coalitions in support of it?
  • Whether the terms we use to frame the discourse as significant in themselves?



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