Copyright’s Digital Deputies: DMCA-Plus Enforcement by Internet Intermediaries

[Annemarie Bridy] Abstract: In the years since passage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), the copyright industries have demanded that online intermediaries — both those covered by the DMCA and those falling outside the statute’s ambit — do more than the law requires to protect their intellectual property rights. In particular, they have sought new ways to reach and shutter “pirate sites” beyond the reach of United States law. Their demands have been answered through an expanding regime of nominally voluntary “DMCA-plus” enforcement. Click here for more.

TPP Negotiators Aim to Conclude Agreement this Month – Here Are Quotes from Recent TPP News and Commentary

[Mike Palmedo] Inside U.S. Trade reports that USTR has “effectively wrapped up” negotiations with Vietnam and Singapore and “will seek to bring TPP ‘to some kind of a conclusion’ when ministers meet later this month in Hawaii.”  Froman has delivered an “ultimatum” to Malaysia; Reps. Schakowsky and DeLauro joined MSF, AARP and others at a press briefing on IP and Access to Medicines. Rep. Schakowsky told the press that “What is clear is that it is U.S. negotiators who are pushing to tilt the balance between intellectual property rights and public health even more toward the brand-name drug companies.” Click here for more.

Open Education and Open Educational Resources in Brazilian Public Policy

[Priscila Gonsales] …Every year a huge amount of public money is spent by the Brazilian government on the purchase of print and digital educational materials that are not open educational resources (OER) and therefore have restricted access, inhibiting reproduction possibilities, creation and adaptation by educators and students. Click here for more.

UK Intellectual Property Office Consultation on Raising Maximum Prison Sentences for Online Copyright Infringement to 10 Years

[Mike Palmedo] The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has opened a consultation on a proposal to extend the penalties for online copyright infringement to ten years imprisonment. Currently, the maximum prison term is two years. The consultation paper notes that the penalty for theft of physical goods is ten years, and argues that there is a strong case for “harmonizing” the two penalties. Click here for more.

Cuba Says It Has Protected 5000 U.S. IPRs, While US Violates Its Rights

[William New] Cuba has been trying for many years to get the United States to undo a law that prevents Cuba from defending a rum brand trademark in US courts. This week at the World Trade Organization, the Caribbean country said during this time it has dutifully protected the intellectual property rights of more than 5,000 US products, while the US has allowed violations of Cuban patents and trademarks. Click here for the full story on IP Watch.