Global Congress Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy meets in Paris

IP owners, government enforcement agencies, and WIPO representatives met in Paris last week for the Sixth Global Congress Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy.  Three themes that were repeated throughout the meeting were 1) the need to convince the public to have a greater respect for IP; 2) counterfeits pose a threat to health, safety, and economic growth; and 3) all stakeholders, public and private, national, regional and global, need to cooperate together to address the problems of counterfeits and piracy.  Panel discussions included topics such as ACTA and estimates of the economic effects of IP infringement.  Infojustice.org has published notes of many of the proceedings. Click here for more.

La Quadrature du Net publishes analysis of Wikileaks cables on ACTA

U.S. cables released by wikileaks show that the Agreement was developed with the intention of establishing new norms, against which the efforts of middle income countries not involved in the negotiations will be measured.  The cables show that European trade negotiators were agitated by being presented with a US-Japan draft, by the lack of coverage of geographical indications, and by the lack of transparency. The European advocacy group La Quadrature du Net has published an analysis of the cables. Click here for more.

US Trade Representative to testify to House Ways and Means Committee

The February 9, 2011 hearing will focus on current trade issues such as:  (1) the pending trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea; (2) the full range of issues impeding American companies from selling U.S. goods and services in China and distorting trade flows through unfair trade practices; (3) the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations; (4) the prospect for trade expansion in agriculture, industrial goods, and services through the Doha Round negotiations at the WTO and the issues surrounding Russia’s efforts to accede to the WTO; and (5) management of trade disputes and concerns and other trade issues.  Click here for more.

Oxfam: Medicine regulation – not IP enforcement – can best deliver quality medicines

A new study by Oxfam America challenges the assertion by US government officials and industry that greater intellectual property enforcement is needed to address the problems of substandard medicines in developing countries.  Better health regulations and greater funding for health infrastructure will address the problems of unsafe medicines more than stronger law enforcement against intellectual property infringement. Click here for more.

EU Academics Opinion on ACTA Criticized by European Trade Negotiator at EC Stakeholders Meeting – Deadline for Signing Is Today

An opinion on ACTA drafted by European academics identifies the most critical aspects of ACTA and shows how it clashes both with EU law and with the enforcement provisions of the TRIPS Agreement.  FFII reports that EU trade negotiator Pedro Velasco Martins has lashed out at the letter, saying that “ACTA does not require the introduction of any modification of EU legislation and will not require any legislative implementation in Europe,” and that the professors should know better. Click here for more, including an audio recording of Mr. Martin’s comments.

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