Video Commentary

  • July 24: Videos of the presentations at the Roundtable on Copyright hosted by FXI, DTI and Google.  Link.

Press and Op-Eds

  • Sean Flynn in Business Day. Why Fears About ‘Fair Use’ Copyright Law Are Unfounded. Link.
  • Tusi Fokane in the Daily Maverick. “Bring Our Copyright Laws Int the Digital Age.” Link.
  • Sean Flynn in the Conversation. “South Africa Takes Steps to Adjust Copyright Law to the Digital Age.” Link.
  • Matt Sag and Sean Flynn in IP-Watch. Lessons From South Africa: Protecting Non-Expressive Uses In Copyright Reform. Link.


  • Rehad Desai, Marc Schwings and Izette Mostert. DFA Presentation to Parliament. (Presentation)
  • Graeme Gilfillan, Nisa Entertainment. Presentation to the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry. (Presentation)
  • Douglas Scott, Wikimedia. Presentation to Parliament. (Presentation)
  • Denise Nicholson. Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA). Presentation ot the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry. (Presentation)

Written comments to the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry

Below is PIJIP’s collection of comments submitted to the South African Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry regarding the Copyright Amendment Bill. It was last updated on July 19, 2017. Please send additional comments to, and I will them to the list.  (-MP)

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