The Resource Libraries section of is being set up to serve as a source for international scholarship on international IP and proposals for increasing access to knowledge. Anyone can upload new relevant documents to the library, but all new postings require moderator approval.  We will work to ensure approval for new documents takes place in one business day or less.

Topical Libraries:

Trans Pacific Partnership

Contains Leaked Texts, Analyses of Leaked Texts, the USTR White Paper on Trade and Access to Medicines, and Reactions to the White Paper, Presentations, News and Blogs from the Chicago Negotiating Round Stakeholders Forum, Letters from Congress to the Obama Administration, U.S. State Legislator Documents on the Effect of a Pharmaceuticals Chapter on U.S. Health Programs, Civil Society Documents, and Industry Documents.

Trade and Transparency

Contains Academic letters on transparency concerns on TPP, ACTA, Letters from Congress to USTR and the Obama Administration, legislative efforts to ensure greater transparency in TPP negotiation.

ACTA and Access to Medicines

The European Parliament’s Greens|EFA have requested an analysis of the provisions in ACTA’s final text on access to affordable medicines, particularly in developing countries. This document library serves as a repository of the various texts used in researching this analysis, as well as a place for the public to contribute additional perspectives in addition to viewing the sources.

Limitations & Exceptions to Copyright

Currently being filled, this library is being constructed in advance of an Amsterdam meeting of experts on L&E to copyright.  It will contain recent writings of the meeting participants, WIPO surveys of limitations & exceptions, and relevant sections participants’ countries’ laws.

Libraries for the Global Congress on Public Interest IP Law:


EU Green Party Draft Analysis of ACTA Framing the Positive Agenda Limitations and Exceptions for Cultural Institutions Limitations and Exceptions for Special Subjects and Objects Open Access and the Public Domain
Limitations & Exceptions and Open Access for Education Ways and Means IP and Human Rights Enforcement, the Internet (New Forums and Technologies) Global Architecture and the Development Agenda
Incentives, Remuneration, and Collective Management Ways and Means – Strategies, Regimes and Institutions Domestic Institutional Innovation Creative Commons Roundtable Development Agenda for Developed Countries
ACTA and Beyond Methodologies for Studying Digital Media Practices Global Architecture and the Development Agenda Open Business Models Track and Session Chairs Meeting
Amending TRIPS Workshop Access to Medicines: TPP, ACTA, and EU Border Regulation Works in Progress I Works in Progress II Works in Progress III
Works in Progress IV